rie said i haven’t updated since october… which is true… sorry rie!!! here are some updates from last semester!

in patisserie and confisserie, we got a lot of practice learning how to temper chocolate, pipe it, and make truffles. actually we only made truffles like once or twice, but it was really cool. really hard but really cool. we made them as a gift for the board of regents or something like that.


and then we made a box that was chocolate. THE BOX IS CHOCOLATE! we all made molds out of cardstock and plastic to make the chocolate boxes. craaaaaaaaaazy. and the lid is a combo of white and dark chocolate using a mold that chef brown created just for this project. your mind has been blown.


here are the chocolate truffles inside the chocolate box.


for christmas i was crazy enough to make my own truffles for gifts. it was a lot of work… i was a one woman chocolate chinese sweatshop. in the end, they came out nice though. we tried to go with a hawaii theme, so the flavors were lavendar, kona coffee, mac nut, kona orange, lilikoi (passion fruit), and coconut rum.


more pictures from patisserie class

patisserie finished up a couple weeks ago. here’s some more photos of stuff…

some cheesecake with a fried lychee, salted caramel ice cream with a whipped cream ball and sesame wafer, chocolate marquis (mousse)

ginger thai basil tapioca in a hippenmasse ring, orange passionfruit ice cream, chocolate marquis with fried lychee on green tea cake

ciabatta bread! every week a different group makes the ciabatta bread for service. that was one of the highlights of the class.

mascarpone cheesecake with caramel sauce and berry compote plus marzipan mouse. people really like the mice.

more chocolate marquis on sugar dough with a chocolate ring

apple strudel with vanilla ice cream, panna cotta, chocolate marquis

on the last day of service we made a big french pastry display for the restaurant.

for our practical, we had to make two plated desserts of our choice. the first one i did was a trio with chocolate marquis on chocolate cake, creme brulee, and a chocolate pot with a berry mint compote.

second plate was pear poached in red wine, ginger, lemon, and honey with reduced poaching liquid and dried cherry sauce, and pear pecorino ice cream on a hippenmasse leaf.

random photos from work (plus bunnies)

work is going well. one of the best things is we get a good amount of freedom, so even though the menus are basically set, we can change the recipes, make whatever we want for dessert, make different things for snack, and things like that. i like making bread, so when i work evening, i make fresh rolls instead of using the frozen ones, and i make a lot of oatmeal sandwich bread too with leftover oatmeal. anyway, here’s some random photos from work…

some butter horn rolls, my go-to rolls currently. they are slightly sweet and buttery. sometimes they are also used for small sandwiches.

some yellow cupcakes with whipped cream and mac nuts.

roasted brussel sprouts with mushrooms, caramelized onions, nuts, and dried cranberries. this is like so delicious. i’m going to post a recipe later.

potstickers (guotie) – sometimes on saturdays i have a lot of time, so one time i made potstickers from scratch, the wrapper and the filling (chicken, dried shiitakes, ginger, onion, green onion, sesame oil, salt, pepper). it was yummy.

interior view:

and now for some bunnies! here they are in their box eating morning veggies.


some photos from patisserie class

some photos from the first three weeks of patisserie. been tempering chocolate, doing chocolate work, made a cake, working on things for plated desserts for the restaurant, ciabatta bread, other stuff. learning a lot and having fun.

some filigrees from week 1:

assembled into a nice piece that can go on a plate:

an army of filigrees:

cake with green tea, chocolate, and pound cake layers.

buttercream to cover it:

made some chocolate spikes, rings, etc.

assembled and put as cake topper:

lots of cakes!

chocolate flower:

chocolate pots:

ciabatta bread!

first night of service – green tea cake with dacquoise (crunchy bottom) and greek yogurt yuzu mousse, mango orange gelato on a hippenmasse leaf (like fortune cookie), and chocolate pot with strawberry/raspberry compote and creme anglaise. very nice and delicious!

second service night – dark and white chocolate butterfly on chocolate spike, creme brulee on top of ginger tapioca in puff pastry shell, strawberry/raspberry compote on a small hippenmasse chip + some chocolate and creme anglaise sauce. those butterflies were hard to make and really fragile, but very pretty! also quite tasty.

alan wong’s

my brother and sister-in-law gave a very awesome christmas gift – gift certificate to alan wong’s. we finally had the chance to try it out. we got the “tasting of the classics.” the food was good, but it was SO much. we are not small eaters, but i was totally stuffed at the end. i think maybe they could reduce some of the portions… or not offer so many entrees in the tasting menu, like it would havae been nice to have a salad instead of say the lasagna. anyway, next time we’ll order ala carte so we won’t be so full.

“Soup And Sandwich” Chilled Vine Ripened Hamakua Springs Tomato Soup Grilled Mozzarella Cheese, Kalua Pig Sandwich

look at that huge cheese thing! this is what i am talking about… it’s like the size of half a sheet of paper! nice cheesy kalua pig sandwich, creamy tomato soup.

here’s a picture of the soup:

Chopped Ahi Sashimi and Avocado Salsa Stack Stacked on Crispy Won Ton, Spicy Aioli and Wasabi Soy

this was good, although i am not a huge fan of crispy won ton, but that’s just me. we saw the appetizer size of this thing and it was ridiculous. it must have had a diameter of like 4-5″.

Ginger Crusted Onaga, Long-Tail Red Snapper Miso Sesame Vinaigrette, Organic Hamakua Mushrooms and Kahuku Corn

both of us chose this one as our favorite, although the fish could have been seasoned better. the sauce went really well with the fish and the corn. also, cameron is not really a big fish person, so it’s unexpected that this was his favorite.

Seafood “Lasagne”

this was good, but so rich! nicely cooked seafood in here. this about where i started to get quite full…

Twice Cooked Short Rib, Soy Braised and Grilled “Kalbi” Style Gingered Shrimp, Ko Choo Jang Sauce

the eggplant needed some seasoning. the shrimp and short rib were good, but i was so full!

“Mini Coconut” Haupia Sorbet in a Chocolate Shell, Tropical Fruits and Lilikoi Sauce

when this came out, we were like, “are you serious???” look at it, it’s huge! i think it would taste better without all the coconut shavings on the chocolate, was a little too coconutty. i was so full already though, so it was hard to enjoy this…

anyway, the food was good, but next time i’d rather order ala carte because the classic tasting menu has too many entrees and too much food. i couldn’t really appreciate the last few dishes because i was too full. also that dessert is kind of ridiculous. anyway, we had a good time! we’ll have a better strategy next time :)