hawaii: day 4

we had to wake up really early on day four because cameron’s dad had to drop us off at UH before he went to work.  we picked up breakfast at the campus center.  cameron had portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice.  i had pancakes.

UH breakfast

for lunch, some of the grad students took me out (free!) for some vegetarian indian food.  it was really tasty!  the “full plate” came with both entrees, some salad, dessert, and soup.  the two entrees of the day were tofu curry and mashed potatoes with peas.  the flavor of both entrees were very simple but very delicious.  i didn’t take a picture though because i thought that might be kinda weird.  :(

for dinner, we went to zippy’s with some of cameron’s friends.  i tried the zip min (saimin with a bunch of stuff):

zip min

it wasn’t anything that special, but the saimin was quite tasty.  it had some eggs, fishcake, wontons, char seu and veggies.  i almost wanted to get the zippy’s chili omelette, but the waitress said it was just chili and eggs (sounded too intense).

cameron had the korean fried chicken:

zippy's korean fried chicken

scary rabbit

scary rabbit

hawaii: day 3

on day three i had a DELICIOUS breakfast at church after the service. i forgot to take a picture though. someone had prepared
baked beans, hot dogs, fruit, and some veggies. the best combo is baked beans with fruit. try it! it is awesome.

for lunch, we went to the small food court near the recently closed 99 ranch ( :( ). on cameron’s recommendation i tried the crispy gau gee noodles.

crispy gau gee noodles

i finally figured out what the heck gau gee is. in chinese it’s just fried dumpling. i guess it sounds a little like gau gee in cantonese. anyway, i didn’t like this that much. i thought the noodles were a little too fried. they were super crispy. i also am not a huge fan of deep frying the dumplings.

mr. healthy got MORE spam musubis (his 7th one in 24 hours) with some japanese fried chicken and california rolls.

small bento
on the drive home we saw a pretty rainbow!


cameron’s mom made a yummy dinner, but i forgot to take pictures. dessert was very intense:

intense dessert

it’s chocolate cake with a layer of melted marshmellows, peanut butter, and rice krispies. sooooooooooo rich.

hawaii: day 2

we woke up bright and early the next day so we could drop by the small farmer’s market place at the local community college.

there were some really beautiful flowers, lots of fresh veggies, and food!

pretty orchids

these cakes looked so cute!

cute cakes

cameron and i shared a crabcake benedict from one of the stands. 

crabcake benedict

it was very delicious!  there was a tasty crabcake with a perfectly poached egg in an orange hollandaise sauce.  there were also some lightly/nicely seasoned potatoes and spinach. the eggs were nice and runny. :)  this dish is winning for tastiest meal on the island during the visit.

crabcake benedict with runny egg!

for lunch, we went to the coco ichibanya curry house.  i had the cream corn croquettes with curry,

cream corn croquette curry

and cameron had the natto (fermented soy beans) curry. 

natto curry

we both had the “spicy” curry (the only other choice is mild).  the croquettes were nice and crispy on the outside and creamy and fluffy on the inside.  the curry itself was very good.  it had a good balance of sweet and salty, and the tiny bit of spiciness was perfect.  other people might like it spicier, but it was good for me.  cameron’s natto curry was also very good, and all the curry sauce lessened the strong taste of the natto a bit. 

later in the day we drove out with cameron’s parents to waianae to go fishing with cameron’s relatives.  it was raining a little, but it let up after a while so we did some fishing,

rock cod

enjoyed the beautiful scenery,

pretty ocean picture

and watched the monk seals!

hawaiian monk seals

as per tradition, for dinner we had kfc fried chicken and spam musubis.  there was also some three bean salad, cole slaw,
and gravy smothered mashed potatoes. 

kfc and spam musubis

last year after we all went swimming we were famished, and this meal was really delicious.  this year i didn’t go swimming though, since it was a little cold in the water, so i wasn’t that hungry.  i felt kinda bad after eating all that.  oh well.  but if you are really hungry, kfc and spam musubis on the beach are surprisingly delicious.

hawaii: day 1

spring break in hawaii!  mmm… tasty. 

on the night we arrived, cameron’s mom prepared a bunch of yummy food for us to eat.  yum! 
we had…

somen salad

somen noodle salad,



beef and chicken

beef and chicken. 

it was all very tasty.  those shrimp had a real kick of wasabi!

art center

the best class ever is the drawing class i am currently taking at the art center. it even beats tom mannion’s cooking class! it’s from 9-4 every saturday at the art center in pasadena. it’s FREE because caltech and the art center have a mini exchange program, but i think most of the exchange is from caltech to the art center. i don’t know any art center students that have taken classes at caltech, but maybe there are some.

anyway, since this is a food blog, i’ll mention the food. they actually have a really good and cheap cafeteria for the students. you can get a good hearty lunch for 3.50-5.00 dollars. they have freshly made sandwiches, hot prepared food, and a small salad bar. last week they had yummy fajitas.

the following is for my legions of fans (i.e. my brother and bing). here’s pictures of my homework (draw your hand and foot using the 3-d technique we’ve been using for drawing figures) from one of the weeks:

my hand
my (giant) hand

my foot
my (gigantic) foot

mary (our instructor) said she liked the foot better. she said she’d buy the foot as a picture :) i like the foot better too. lena said my foot isn’t actually as beautiful as in the picture.

here’s wei’s ear (giant size):

my ear

and my ear collage (we had to draw an ear with our left hand, right hand, and some kind of creative interpretation):

ear collage

and finally, since this class is mainly a figure drawing class, some nude figures (but only ones with parts covered up!):

woman leaning, backside

some people in my class liked this one (above, a 40-min pose) a lot, and my mom did too, but i actually don’t like this one that much. i feel like the proportions are a little off.

unfinished man backside

this one was a short 20-minute pose so i just started working on the back. i liked the lay-in a lot though. his head looks a little big… but he did have kind of big hair.

man seated

this one is from last week. this was a 60-minute pose (with two breaks). i thought it turned out pretty well. his face turned out okay, but it didn’t really look like the model so that kind of bummed me out. i need more practice drawing people’s faces.

this class is really awesome. i really love our teacher too. she is really encouraging and nurturing. and she always has helpful comments for everyone. i didn’t know anything about drawing the human figure before this class. we started from the basics and built up, and it’s been great. i think it’s also helped me with drawing in general. last week i tackled the OPI piano…

babylon opi piano

i don’t think i would have done as good a job on this piano if i worked on it before taking this class, and i don’t think i would have had enough confidence in my abilities to tackle it either. yay for art center! and thanks to scott for also helping with the main part of the piano (ken and cameron also helped us with the lettering and keys).