home-style bean curd 家常豆腐

this is a recipe from fuschia dunlop’s book revolutionary chinese cookbook. one of our favorites :) this is a hunanese version of this dish so it’s a little spicy.

home-style-bean curd

2 dried shiitake mushrooms
1.25 lb. firm bean curd, drained
3 oz boneless lean pork, cut into fine slivers
1 t shaoxing wine
1 T chili bean paste
1 T chopped salted chiles (we didn’t have this)
1 T finely chopped garlic
1 t dried chili flakes (optional)
1 cup stock
1/4 t dark soy sauce
1/4 t potato flour mixed with 1 T cold water
3 scallions, green parts only, cut into bit-size lengths
1 t sesame oil
1/3 cup peanut oil or lard

1. prep: soak the mushrooms in hot water for 30 minutes. drain, squeeze, cut off the stems, and slice thinly. cut the bean curd into large squares, then cut them in half across the diagonal to form triangles. the thickness should be about 1/2″. use a paper towel or a kitchen towel to soak up some of the excess moisture in the tofu. put the pork in a bowl with the wine. get the other ingredients ready as well.


2. heat your wok or pan over high heat. when hot, add some oil and swirl it around the pan (fuschia says about 3 T). make sure it’s nice and hot. you’ll want to fry the tofu in batches. carefully lay in the first batch of tofu away from you and fry on one side. shake the pan from time to time to prevent sticking.


once that side is golden, turn the tofu pieces over and fry on the other side until golden.


remove the tofu once it’s done frying and place on some paper towels to soak up the excess oil. repeat with the other batches of tofu. clean out the pan in between if necessary.


3. clean the pan if necessary. reheat the pan until the oil smokes. if necessary, add in a little more oil to coat the pan. add the pork and stir-fry until the slivers separate.


add the chili bean paste and salted chiles and stir-fry until fragrant.


add in the garlic and mushrooms and continue to stir-fry until fragrant.


add the chili flakes if you are using them. stir-fry for a few seconds, then pour in the stock


4. add the bean curd back to the pan and pour in the dark soy sauce.


allow the mixture to come to a boil, then let it simmer until the sauce reaches the desired consistency. it tastes better with a thicker sauce. also, the tofu will soak up more of the sauce flavor the longer it simmers.


5. stir the potato flour mixture and slowly add it while stirring the sauce. taste and season the sauce as necessary. the chili bean paste i used was pretty salty, so i didn’t need to add any more salt.


toss in the scallions. off the heat, stir in the sesame oil and serve.


time to eat!


honolulu festival

our dining room class and other kcc students had the chance to volunteer at the friendship gala of the honolulu festival this year. it was a very fun event. over 1000 people came to the event.

here’s the stage as they were testing some of the lights and the sound. “check, check, one, two.”

this year ten restaurants participated: morimoto waikiki, mariposa at neiman marcus, roy’s hawaii kai, ruth’s chris steak house, 3660 on the rise, blt steak, nobu waikiki, shokudo, the cheesecake factory, and la palme d’or patisserie.

i got to help out with mariposa’s station.
our yellow tent corresponded to the yellow ticket each guest got (one ticket per restaurant).

here’s what we were serving for the night:

ben and i were helping assemble the dish. he put three clams in the bowl, then i put in a small mound of the braised greens, then piseth placed the fish on the greens, and chef marc spooned in the broth and put a small amount of chutney on top. we had the same assembly line going on the other side of the table. after the doors opened, the line got pretty long and we were moving pretty fast, but i don’t think people had to wait too long to get their food.

the other volunteers at our station were helping to manage the guests and collect their tickets. “one bowl per ticket!”

the entertainment was good, but it got kind of loud because we were near the speakers. the performers included hoku zuttermeister, dai hirai (ukelele + hip hop!), and sugaren.

at the end of the night, we got to eat some of the dishes from the restaurants :)

steamed bun with kakuni (10 hour braised pork belly) from morimoto waikiki – yummy yummy, even when it had been sitting out for a while. the pork just melts in your mouth:

satay shrimp with luau leaf curry from roy’s hawaii kai – also yummy despite sitting out for a while. i heard this is a new item on roy’s menu?

godiva chocolate cheesecake from the cheesecake factory – this is super rich and chocolatey. i took a slice home so i am slowly eating it. there may be a thing as being too chocolatey.

ruth’s chris seared tenderloin served with potatoes au gratin – this probably would have been yummy if it was still warm.

lobster miso soup


also had some california rolls from shokudo and lemon tarts, cream puffs, and panna cotta from la palme. it was a fun night.

chinese new year dinner

i haven’t really celebrated chinese new year since i’ve been in hawaii, but i’ve been cooking a lot of chinese food the past few months, so this year i decided to cook a nice chinese dinner to celebrate the year of the rabbit :)

mostly, i’ve been trying a lot of good recipes from fuschia dunlop’s two books, land of plenty and revolutionary chinese cookbook:
land of plentyrevolutionary chinese cookbook

land of plenty has recipes from her travels and time at a famous cooking school in sichuan. revolutionary chinese cookbook focuses on hunanese food. i really like her recipes… they’re detailed, well-written, and have delicious results. she also writes a lot of interesting side notes and stories about her experiences.

here’s the meal:

marci and craig brought the chinese chicken salad and dessert :)

蔥 姜 鸡 cold ginger chicken:
ginger chicken

香干肉丝 chicken with pressed tofu, bamboo, and chives
chicken tofu

鱼香茄子 fish-fragrant pork slivers with black ear fungus and bamboo

彭家豆腐 peng’s home-style bean curd w/ black beans and pork

土豆煨牛肉 slow-braised beef with potatoes (spicy)

渔家炒虾球 fisherman’s shrimp with chinese chives and hot peppers

菜心 choi sum with garlic. cooked in the pot after the shrimp.

芥兰 steamed chinese broccoli (gai lan)

干煸四季豆 dry-fried green beans with ground pork and tianjin preserved vegetable.

overall, all the dishes went pretty well. it seems like i can only buy gai lan in chinatown. gai lan’s my favorite though, so it can’t be helped. i found one place with some frozen pressed tofu, but this brand isn’t that good. next time i gotta find a better brand. it seems like the favorites were the shrimp, beef and potatoes, and the green beans. this is the first large dinner i’ve cooked since starting culinary school. i think the planning and execution went way better. hooray! no disaster! happy chinese new year!

intermediate cookery: saute, sandwich/appetizer, grill stations

behind as usual… this class ended a while ago, but i figure i’d post these pictures before i forget what we cooked in this class.

for saute, we took care of the chicken, calamari steak, vegetables, sauces, and plating for most of the entrees.

under there somewhere, is chicken and polenta (tomato cream vodka sauce)…

calamari steak was quite good, served with a ginger beurre blanc sauce and roasted garlic kale yukon gold mashed potatoes

under there somewhere is sirloin steak with wild mushrooms demi glaze and roasted garlic kale yukon gold mashed potatoes

grilled salmon with a miso butter sauce served with okinawan sweet potato mash, sauteed snap peas, and a sesame honey ginger slaw. never had an okinawan mash before. it is quite good and goes well with the salmon.

for grill, we handled the salmon, lamb chops, steak for entree, steak for the steak sandwich, and chicken for the chicken sandwich.

the lamb was my 2nd favorite dish (1st was the snapper). never heard of poha berries before, but the poha berry chutney was delicious.

for sandwich, there’s the assembly of the steak sandwich, maple bourbon chicken sandwich, turkey club, and burger. appetizers were the mussels casino and barbecue chicken quesadilla (forgot to take pictures).

steak sandwich was very good. this one and the veg panini were my favorites. the steak goes nicely with that watercress salad on the grilled bun.
steak sandwich

chicken sandwich has a sweet and spicy apple chutney and those fried onions. nice textures in this sandwich. gotta make sure the onions don’t clump when you fry them.
chicken sandwich

a pretty good traditional club.

the patty we made for this was interesting; it had some cajun spice, garlic, and basil. a lot of people like this burger. i just like ground chuck with salt and pepper though, so not my favorite.

anyway, intermediate was a very fun class. we got to work at all the different stations, make good food, and learn. i’m glad i decided to take it :)

food resolutions from 2010

reflecting on last year’s resolutions:

1. bake our own bread – my brother and lena have both been telling me how simple it is to make good bread and how yummy it is. also, cameron got me a “real” pizza stone and this book for christmas. so we’re not buying any more sandwich bread or bakery bread!
i think this one i succeeded in. i didn’t buy any sandwich bread this year! i had some trouble with the 5-minute bread, so i started making loaf bread, which has been good for sandwiches. maybe i’ll try making the 5-minute bread again this year, and try some other types of bread too.

2. read on food and cooking by harold mcgee – this is the year i’m going to read this whole book. it is about 800 pages, so that’s about 2-3 pages per day, ~15 pages per week. dangit! i’m behind already…
i didn’t finish harold mcgee yet, so still working on this. i was doing pretty well until school started. i’ll try to finish the rest of it in 2011. the other day i found out my piano teacher’s husband was best friends with harold mcgee at caltech! how interesting.

3. salads – i like salad a lot, but we don’t make that many types. i’d like to find some new recipes, and have it for lunch or dinner sometimes instead of just as a side.
hmm guess we failed on this one. kind of forgot about it. carry it over to 2011 :)

4. asian food – cameron suggested this one. we’ve started cooking more chinese food recently because we got a nice cookbook for that (haven’t had time to post anything though). so i think we’ll continue with that, and then maybe also find some thai, korean, vietnamese, japanese recipes.
i think we definitely made some progress on this one. we now have like five chinese cookbooks that we are using regularly. some of the dishes are starting to taste pretty good. i should post some of those recipes… cameron just gave me a nice japanese cookbook for christmas this year, so we’ll have to try some of those this year too.

5. have people over more often – normally our apartment is pretty messy, but our non-food resolution is to clean every week, so maybe this year we will have people over for dinner more. :)
haha, well we had people over a few times. it seems like there was some kind of kitchen disaster every time! one time the sinks clogged up, one time the power went out, and one time something in the oven started smoking, filled the apartment with smoke, and set off the fire alarm. i think it’ll be easier to invite people over once we move. it will be nice having a big kitchen. hopefully there aren’t more disasters either.