hawaii: day 8

by day 8, cameron was craving some plate lunch so cameron’s dad picked up some yummy stuff from kai’s. cameron had the garlic chicken, which he says is really good at kai’s:

garlic chicken

i tried some. man, that is really garlic-y chicken! it has some nice flavor though. i had the giant plate of chicken katsu:

chicken katsu

for dinner, we went to jimbo, a japanese restaurant specializing in udon.

jimbo udon house

it was pretty crowded when we got there, so we had to wait about 15 minutes for a table. the restaurant is pretty small and the tables are pretty tight together, but it’s a cute little place. i liked it. i ordered the chicken, tempura, and vegetable udon (it looked like the biggest one they had):

delicious udon

it was by far the best bowl of udon i’ve ever had. it might be the best bowl of noodles i’ve ever had. okay, first of all, the udon is homemade so that alone was really tasty. then, all the toppings were really excellent and balanced. there were a few different types of vegetables, all cooked to a good consistency and with good flavor. then the egg was in a poached style with the egg just barely cooked solid. the chicken was also simply cooked but tasty, and there was also a yummy fried fishcake. but the real star of this udon was the broth. i could really tell that they put a lot of care into their broth. the flavors were really rich and deep, full of different vegetable flavors and the perfect amount of seasoning. a lot of places just put in a lot of salt and artificial flavors, so by the end of your bowl, all you taste is that saltiness. i drank this broth down to the last drop because is was so amazingly tasty and well-suited to the udon.

cameron had one of the combos so it had a bowl of udon, a small plate of pickled vegetables, and a bowl of rice and vegetable tempura.

more delicious udon

cameron said his meal was also excellent. later on, we had a snack at ALOHA SUSHI:

kimchi spam roll

cameron and i each had a spam kimchi roll. mmm… it is kind of nasty but so tasty. and of course…

holotta ice cream

my last and final banana ice cream:

banana ice cream

i love you, holotta ice cream 🙂

hawaii: day 7

on day 7, we went to angelo pietro’s for lunch, where they have a japanese-italian fusion thing going on. last year i had some kind of eggplant and cheese over pasta thing that was delicious, but it didn’t have any japanese flair to it. this year, i decided to try takana (sour pickled vegetable) and sausage pasta:

takana and sausage pasta

cameron had the natto pasta:

natto pasta

so initially, my takana and sausage pasta was really tasty. they had the whole asian thing going on with the shoyu (soy sauce)-based sauce, the dried seaweed, and the takana. but as i continued eating it, i felt kind of bad. it got to be way to salty. i think they should rethink the ratio of shoyu sauce to takana because as is, it becomes kind of overwhelming and unpleasant. in small quantities though, this is pretty good. cameron’s pasta was pretty good, but he thinks the one he makes at home is comparable so it wasn’t like life-changingly good (unlike holotta ice cream). i think next time i will try something with less japanese influence.

pietro’s is actually part of a larger japanese company that sells delicious dressings and marinades. last year when we came with wei and bing, we had the chance to try their raw potato salad with four different kinds of dressings. man, those were tasty! if you live anywhere that sells these dressings, they are excellent!

for dinner, cameron’s aunt gwen took us out for some pho at ???.


i think vietnamese food is just more expensive in hawaii since there is less of a demand. this bowl was $8 i think, but putting aside the cost, it was very tasty.

chi chi dango! it’s fun to say!
chi chi dango

the green ones are melon-flavored, the pink ones are strawberry-flavored, and the white are normal. i still like the white ones best, but the other two were not bad either.

later on cameron and i got hungry again so we went to zippy’s! BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND…

chili moco

CHILI MOCO!!! oh, isn’t she beautiful? rice, one hamburger patty, zippy’s chili, and two eggs over easy… GENIUS.

chili moco close-up

was it delicious? YES.

chili moco

is it going to kill me? PROBABLY

that’s why cameron is supposed to stop me from ever eating one again. but man, it was tasty! the runny egg with that delicious chili was magical. actually, if i had things my way, i would get rid of the hamburger patty, add a couple more eggs, and MORE CHILI!!! good thing there is no zippy’s near caltech.

hawaii: day 6

on day 6, dr. howell from UH came to pick up cameron and i, and then he and some other grad students from his group treated us to dim sum at happy day! it was tasty. mmm… free and delicious.

then cameron got hungry in the afternoon so we went to ALOHA SUSHI at the pearlridge mall.

aloha sushi

aloha sushi is an inexpensive sushi chain in hawaii.

aloha sushi

they had a pretty display with plastic sushi showing the different sushi combinations available:

aloha sushi display

cameron got one of those little boxes:

aloha sushi combo

aloha sushi is good if you want a quick, inexpensive snack.

i bought some more banana ice cream from holotta ice cream 🙂

holotta banana ice cream

for dinner, we went with cameron’s parents to the harbor pub in waikiki because cameron’s dad had a gift certificate from there. the harbor looked really beautiful:

waikiki harbor

the food turned out to be excellent! we started off with a really tasty greek salad:

greek salad

then we had a half-order of nachos, also very tasty. refried beans and cheese were baked in a little casserole dish and then topped with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, guacamole, and sour cream. it also came with some fresh salsa.


finally, for the main course, we had a large pizza – half tomato and basil, half “harbor special,” which is basically everything (pepperoni, olives, green peppers, mushrooms, ham, onions, and red peppers).


this pizza was seriously delicious. the crust was nice and crispy at the bottom but soft in the middle, the cheese was super melty and stringy, and the sauce was very tomato-ey and smooth. our waitress was very nice too and gave us recommendations on how much to get because initially we ordered way too much food. we ended up with some leftover pizza, and the total cost was really reasonable.

hawaii: day 5

day 5 started with an awesome breakfast.

zippy's chili

after our dinner the previous night, i picked up some chili and rice from the take-out window at zippy’s. mmm… it made for an excellent breakfast! apparently one of the secrets to their chili is MAYONNAISE. there are beans, portuguese sausage, BACON, and ground beef.

for lunch, we went to kim chee ii restaurant.

kim chee ii restaurant

cameron and i both had the lunch special. it included meat jun (hawaiian thing, beef and eggs and fried), bbq chicken, rice, and five veggie sides (seaweed, lightly pickled cabbage, bean sprouts, kim chee, pickled daikon). it was a pretty large meal, but very tasty.

kim chee ii lunch special

later in the afternoon we went to the pearlrigde mall, and i had the BEST ice cream experience of my life. i was just looking and then the girl at the register of holotta ice cream asked if i wanted free samples :). i tried the coffee and banana. the coffee wasn’t very good because the flavor was too weak, but the banana was really good! the store girl asked about my bunny bunch shirt too so i liked her and felt bad not buying anything, so i got a small cup of banana ice cream. she gave me a lot! and it was really amazingly tasty. the texture of the ice cream was really soft and smooth (fit perfectly with the banana taste), and the flavor itself was right on. it was not too strong, tasted like real banana, and well balanced with the sweetness. by far the best banana ice cream i’ve ever had. i love holotta ice cream. i love it.

holotta banana ice cream

pretty mountains!

pretty mountains

for dinner, cameron’s mom made CORNISH HENS!  last year cameron’s mom also made cornish hens, and i ate like 2.5 (mine plus the leftovers of wei’s and bing’s cornish hens).  this year she found a recipe from the food network site from emeril.  it had a yummy stuffing, and was very delicious.

cornish hens

an inside look:

cornish hens interior

this year i only ate one at dinner.  but that’s because i had to go watch american idol.  yay melinda!

hawaii: day 4

we had to wake up really early on day four because cameron’s dad had to drop us off at UH before he went to work.  we picked up breakfast at the campus center.  cameron had portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice.  i had pancakes.

UH breakfast

for lunch, some of the grad students took me out (free!) for some vegetarian indian food.  it was really tasty!  the “full plate” came with both entrees, some salad, dessert, and soup.  the two entrees of the day were tofu curry and mashed potatoes with peas.  the flavor of both entrees were very simple but very delicious.  i didn’t take a picture though because i thought that might be kinda weird.  🙁

for dinner, we went to zippy’s with some of cameron’s friends.  i tried the zip min (saimin with a bunch of stuff):

zip min

it wasn’t anything that special, but the saimin was quite tasty.  it had some eggs, fishcake, wontons, char seu and veggies.  i almost wanted to get the zippy’s chili omelette, but the waitress said it was just chili and eggs (sounded too intense).

cameron had the korean fried chicken:

zippy's korean fried chicken

scary rabbit

scary rabbit