arrival and pasta

the first night we arrived, cameron’s mom prepared us yummy food again 🙂

sushi and stuff

we all fared pretty well on the flight, but mr. nibbles lost some weight from all the stress of travel:


he’s doing much better now.

the next night we made some garlic bread and pasta. i can’t remember who made this for me, but one time someone cooked whole heads of garlic in the oven until they were like butter to spread directly onto some bread. anyway, that’s what we did. cooked 2.5 heads of garlic in the oven, then squeezed the yumminess into a bowl and mixed it with BUTTER 🙂 then we spread it all over the bread and covered that with parmesan cheese. it turned out to be very tasty:

garlic bread

then we just made some simple pasta and sauce:

cameron cooking

we put sausages, baby bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, and garlic with some store bought spaghetti sauce.

spaghetti and salad


so i’ve been in hawaii for a week now. it is really nice here. it gets pretty warm in the afternoon, but there’s always a nice breeze at least. i’m staying in a room on the bottom floor of cameron’s house. i’ll be like bing and post pictures of it some time later. anyway, what have i been doing so far? mostly relaxing. we didn’t really have internet until the weekend, so last week i used that as my excuse not to look for a job. i started reading a couple books from the library: guns, germs, and steel by our commencement speaker jared diamond. he is a good writer but not really a good speaker. also wuthering heights by emily bronte. i almost started this book a bunch of times but never got around to reading it. and rabbit, run by john updike.

i also made some cards 🙂 mmm… i love paper.


i started a new sketchbook on the plane too. i’m trying to get into the habit of working on it everyday. mmm… also went shopping a bunch of times and went to church and stuff. been playing the wii too. grocery shopping. running. eating mangoes. organizing my room. eating toast.

in terms of food, cameron and i are cooking twice a week. i’ll post some of that later. yep, so things have been good so far. this week i started looking for a job! here’s a pretty picture i took on the freeway:


getty center and matsuri

the getty center is gorgeous.

getty center

the garden is really pretty.

getty center garden

pretty getty

for dinner, we went to matsuri, a japanese restaurant really close to caltech. this was my third time going there. i remember the first time i went there, i didn’t like it that much because the tables for two people are much too close together. if you have more people, it is okay though. the food is generally pretty good, but a little more expensive. dinner is probably around $15-20 per person. we started with two appetizers, vegetable croquettes and shrimp tempura.


these croquettes were excellent. very delicious and smooth inside with a very nice crispy, well-fried exterior. these are probably my favorite item at this restaurant.

shrimp tempura

the tempura here is also excellent. nice and light and crispy. some places have much heavier tempura batter, which is not as tasty.

this time i had the tempura and sashimi combo:

tempura and sashimi
this was a very excellent choice. the fish here is very fresh and delicious. my brother had a sushi combination plate:


he said is was very good. my parents and jen had some chicken and beef teriyaki, which they said was not very good. the chicken was kind of dry and the beef was overcooked.

i think matsuri has some really good sushi, tempura, and croquettes, but for things like chicken and beef teriyaki, it’s not very good and kind of expensive. the service is not bad. the only other thing is the two-person tables are too close for comfort. if you have at least four people and like sushi, it’s quite good.
1065 e. green st.
pasadena, ca 91106

knott’s berry farm and bcd tofu house

to celebrate the end of finals and all work, lena, wei, cameron, and i went to knott’s berry farm!

knott's berry farm

here we are with our bud snoopy:

snoopy and friends

after a fun day of rides, we went to bcd tofu house in koreatown.

bcd tofu

bcd is pretty cool because it is open 24 hours a day! one special thing is everyone gets a fried fish, along with the tasty side dishes:

bcd side dishes

i had the pork and kimchi tofu soup:

bcd tofu

mmm, tasty. i like the kimchi here, and the other side dishes are pretty good too. they are usually pretty busy, but pretty fast because they mainly serve tofu soup. bcd isn’t my favorite tofu house, but it does make an amazing late-night snack if you have a car. their side dishes aren’t my favorite, and i prefer how other places let you keep your stone rice bowl so you get the yummy crispy rice at the bottom (here they pour water in right away so it doesn’t get nice and crispy).

3575 wilshire blvd.
los angeles, ca 90010

el torito

this is only my second time eating at el torito, but both times i’ve really liked it. you can’t go wrong with complimentary chips and salsa. nice, warm, fresh chips and salsa:

chips and salsa

i like the food here because it tastes fresh and well thought out. some mexican restaurants have really generic-tasting food, but here the flavors are excellent and more unique. they also don’t load the food with too much cheese and sauce like some other places. i had the sizzling enchiladas:


it had chicken, a little cheese inside, and some excellent tomatillo salsa. underneath were some grilled onions and peppers. the flavors were very well-balanced and went well together. i mean, i also like the very cheese-filled and sauce-covered enchiladas that some other places serve, but this tasted so fresh and different. it also came with some rice, really tasty beans, guacamole, and a scoop of their famous corn bread/cake stuff. i still remember the corn stuff from my first visit. it is perfect. texture, consistency, saltiness, sweetness, the bits of corn, everything.
cameron had the mexican city tacos, and he said those were also excellent. the meat was cooked nicely with good flavors.


i really enjoyed this meal. highly recommended, especially if you want a meal that is not too meat/cheese/sauce heavy, as mexican food can sometimes be.

3333 e. foothill blvd.
pasadena, ca 91107