taste of honolulu

in the summer there was this tasty food festival called taste of honolulu where lots of restaurants set up booths in the park and sold small plates of food. they had music, big jumpy things for kids, and some mini chef competitions for entertainment.

taste of honolulu

but first, let’s play “Where’s Cameron?”

where's cameron

the winner receives a hug from cameron. must be redeemed in hawaii.

onto the food!

taste of honolulu

looks good, doesn’t it? 🙂

update and happy day restaurant

i can’t find my camera cord 🙁 that and the deadline for my first project have deterred me from updating. i know that cord is in this house! but i think i’m going to give in and just buy one of those sd-card usb cords.

work is going pretty well. i’ve been learning a lot and getting the hang of things. we had some rough spots in this project, but i think it’s been a good learning experience. plus, my team loves me so that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂 i think my next project will be pretty fun so i’m excited about that. i’m glad i get to be there from the beginning too so i get to be more involved in everything.

in the mean time i’m going to catch up on some old posts!

happy day

one thing i miss about southern california is the awesome chinese food. here in hawaii, the chinese food isn’t bad or anything, but it’s just not the same. there isn’t as much variety (almost all cantonese restaurants), and the food is a little different usually (it’s so strange that chinese chicken salad gets served at all these places). when i go home for new year’s, i am going to binge on chinese food (and my mom’s food!). maybe i can eat like 9 meals each day.
anyway, in the summer i went to happy day, and it was quite good. we had some noodles

happy days noodles

and this chicken/mushroom/vegetable dish:

happy days chicken

i forget what this chicken dish is called, but it was quite good. the chicken had great flavor. i always like chicken that still has bones in it the best. it’s just tastier.

overall, both dishes were satisfying, just a little more expensive than say, sam woo.

happy day
3553 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
(Honolulu / Kaimuki Area)