trip home

we had a really fun trip back to california in may – friends, family, food, ditch day. too many things so i just put together a few of the highlights.

trip food 1

souplantation, lingenberry juice (ikea), carnitas at el torito, ramen at daikokuya in little tokyo, salad at the ath.


trip food 2

jean cutting birthday cake at BJ’s, in-n-out on the way back from six flags, meatloaf sandwich and “the mess” (below the fish) from schooner or later in long beach, fish at the long beach aquarium.


visiting bing

food that bing made (TASTY) – guacamole, yummy salad, marinated steak + (not pictured) mexican rice, chicken marsala, almond jello? i can’t remember! lots of good food. then we played games that night for 7.5 HOURS (picture of cameron and bing when we played loopin’ louie). in the morning when i got up, they were playing again!


trip food 3

this meal was a reminder of all the great chinese food i’ve missing out on since i moved 🙁 i miss my mom’s food too. she didn’t have time to cook while i was there 🙁 🙁 but she did give me some nian gao to take back and cook (gotta put that up later). anyway, this meal was at full house (arcadia). it was so good. and they have $10 peking duck (the tasty skin parts + all the rest of the duck too).


ditch day

ditch day! it was funny because we thought we’d actually get to sleep the night before ditch day. it’s okay, we had a lot of fun and no one fell asleep while driving.

we all use math everyday!