test cake for wedding cake #2

so i’m making another wedding cake. this one is for laura and alex. it’s going to be chocolate with orange butter cream. the cake came out pretty well:


here’s the 6″ cake i made for laura’s shower:


i tried to copy the pixelated heart that was on their invite:


kinda ran out of time though so it came out a little sloppy. anyway, it tasted pretty good. the chocolate cake was light and not too sweet. the orange butter cream had some marmalade + orange juice concentrate. i forgot to buy orange liqueur though. next time gotta put that in.

yay so we got married on pi day and had a really nice wedding. it was nice to see everyone, especially friends and family from the mainland. everyone said the food was really good too, but i couldn’t eat that much 🙁 note to anyone getting married – find a stretchy dress so you can eat. here we are enjoying our wedding pie.


being married isn’t that different, but the big change is we moved! it’s a nice little apartment. our kitchen is kinda small, but so far we like it a lot. it’s nice having our own fridge 🙂 we also have a huge lanai (balcony) so i want to grow some plants out there.

anyway, for the first week we lived here, our fridge was very sad – it only had water, caprisun, and bbq sauce. we went out for like every meal that week since our friends from the mainland were around and we hadn’t bought any groceries yet. after we bought groceries, we were planning on making the red onion spaghetti for our first cooked dinner in the apartment, but we forgot to buy cheese, so here’s what we had instead:

first meal cooked in new apartment

some portuguese sausage, eggs, and toast. not bad at all. and here’s breakfast the next morning:


some kinda burned portuguese sausage, hashbrowns, and french bread. our hash browns were kinda soaked in oil… really gross actually, but next time they’ll be better. we were still getting used to the stove. i think after this we didn’t eat anymore portuguese sausage 🙂

the next day we made the spaghetti and salad:


i think the day after that we made sausage and peppers. and then we made mom’s pork chops:


look how nice and brown they got in the nice all clad pan from my brother. yum yum yum. hmm i don’t think i’ve posted that recipe yet. next time i’ll do that.

we also made some red curry, had some leftover steaks from someone’s house. so far has been good. i thought cooking for two people would be harder, but so far it is not too bad. gotta learn to scale back on buying vegetables though. some green beans we bought went bad already 🙁 so far that is the only casualty.

and cameron (aka mr. i don’t eat leftovers) volunteered to eat leftovers twice this week! pretty amazing!

anyway, once we get settled in we’ll start trying new recipes again. for now we are sticking with our old favorites 🙂