chodang restaurant

here’s the soondubu from chodang (i like to put all the rice in it).

i first had soondubu in the summer of sophomore year of college at young dong garden in arcadia. it was love at first bite! anyway, when i go home i like to go to young dong garden if i can. i don’t know why i’ve never written about it… i love it! that place is still my favorite soondubu place in socal. they give delicious korean pancakes.

then when i came to hawaii, cameron and i tried a few korean restaurants to find some good soondubu, but most of the restaurants were kind of expensive and the soondubu wasn’t that great. i tried to put soondubu out of my mind. then one day, we decided to try koreana in kaimuki. on the front of the menu, there were several grand opening specials… soondubu for $6?! AND it was delicious! that was a really good day. for a little while, we went there every week.

but it was not meant to be. koreana was always empty when we ate there. one day we went, and the gates were closed. 🙁 i was really sad… was it better to have soondubu-ed and lost than to never have soondubu-ed? i was resigned to live life without soondubu.

there was this small korean restaurant called chodang near ala moana that we’d seen before, and one day we decided to try it. they had a picture of soondubu in the window… but who could replace koreana? we sat down and looked at the menu. it was the most wonderful thing i’ve ever seen on a menu… on the front it had a list of daily specials… the same specials as koreana IN THE SAME FONT! open the menu – same sections and fonts as koreana too! hallelujah! this was another great day 🙂

luckily, chodang doesn’t look like it’s going to close any time soon. it’s always busy when we go there. the soondubu is WAY cheaper than anywhere else, and tastes better than all the other ones i’ve tried in hawaii (um except koreana since it’s the same soondubu). i don’t think they have a mild version though so just suck it up if you are afraid of spicy food. it’s worth it. anyway, that’s about all i can comment on since at koreana and chodang all i’ve ever gotten is soondubu… well i think the side dishes are good too 🙂 one time we got some bulgogi – that was good, but i don’t know how it compares to other places. cameron has been getting the bibimbap lately. he also tried the spicy beef soup once – he said that was really good.

now i’m craving some soondubu… chodang is open until 12am i think…

chodang restaurant
451 Piikoi St #110
Honolulu, HI 96814