food resolutions from 2010

reflecting on last year’s resolutions:

1. bake our own bread – my brother and lena have both been telling me how simple it is to make good bread and how yummy it is. also, cameron got me a “real” pizza stone and this book for christmas. so we’re not buying any more sandwich bread or bakery bread!
i think this one i succeeded in. i didn’t buy any sandwich bread this year! i had some trouble with the 5-minute bread, so i started making loaf bread, which has been good for sandwiches. maybe i’ll try making the 5-minute bread again this year, and try some other types of bread too.

2. read on food and cooking by harold mcgee – this is the year i’m going to read this whole book. it is about 800 pages, so that’s about 2-3 pages per day, ~15 pages per week. dangit! i’m behind already…
i didn’t finish harold mcgee yet, so still working on this. i was doing pretty well until school started. i’ll try to finish the rest of it in 2011. the other day i found out my piano teacher’s husband was best friends with harold mcgee at caltech! how interesting.

3. salads – i like salad a lot, but we don’t make that many types. i’d like to find some new recipes, and have it for lunch or dinner sometimes instead of just as a side.
hmm guess we failed on this one. kind of forgot about it. carry it over to 2011 🙂

4. asian food – cameron suggested this one. we’ve started cooking more chinese food recently because we got a nice cookbook for that (haven’t had time to post anything though). so i think we’ll continue with that, and then maybe also find some thai, korean, vietnamese, japanese recipes.
i think we definitely made some progress on this one. we now have like five chinese cookbooks that we are using regularly. some of the dishes are starting to taste pretty good. i should post some of those recipes… cameron just gave me a nice japanese cookbook for christmas this year, so we’ll have to try some of those this year too.

5. have people over more often – normally our apartment is pretty messy, but our non-food resolution is to clean every week, so maybe this year we will have people over for dinner more. 🙂
haha, well we had people over a few times. it seems like there was some kind of kitchen disaster every time! one time the sinks clogged up, one time the power went out, and one time something in the oven started smoking, filled the apartment with smoke, and set off the fire alarm. i think it’ll be easier to invite people over once we move. it will be nice having a big kitchen. hopefully there aren’t more disasters either.