it’s been a busy summer. first there was the move. moving all our stuff by the bagful every night for a few weeks, slowly transferring all our stuff to the house. then organizing things and shifting stuff around so we could buy furniture. it was a lot of work, but now we can enjoy our new home, especially my nice new kitchen 🙂 nice to be out of that tiny apartment kitchen that had only one drawer and hardly any counter space.

also i started working at shokudo this summer. i wasn’t planning on working full-time, but then it was like, well, i guess this isn’t too bad, i’ll just do it. so i haven’t had any days off since i have to work my other job on my two days off. sometimes it’s pretty tiring, but overall it’s been a good experience. i started at the fry/jet station, which is a two person station. that station preps most of the sauces and dressings that are used in the restaurant plus things that we cook at that station, like the mochi gratin, sushi pizza, quesadilla, etc. during service i think it’s the busiest station – most of the lunch bentos, katsu, karaage, pork chop, calamari, mochi, quesadilla, sushi pizza, teri chicken/salmon, dynamite roll/lobster, char siu, etc. it gets pretty crazy during lunch sometimes, but it’s pretty fun getting into that lunch time rhythm. the two people i worked with at fry/jet both have been working the station for two years, so they always backed me up and helped me get the hang of things.

after that i moved to the salad station. salad has a ton of prep – mixing the karaage chicken, boiling and portioning the calamari, butterflying chicken for teri chicken and katsu, prepping the katsu, cutting/frying wonton strips, frying the onions, cutting the thin kalbi for beef sushi, making the pickles for the chicken wings, cutting tempura veggies, plus prepping stuff for the station. during service salad makes most of the salads (spinach, teri chicken, tuna, tofu), doles out the fresh tofu, and makes tempura (shrimp, assorted, tempura bowl, bento). usually it’s not too bad, but sometimes you get like four tempura bowls at once and you want to cry. hahaha it’s a little stressful, but you get through it. the fryer’s not that big, so you can only fry so much at a time. salad has been more challenging since it’s a one person station. if other people have time, they might help you, but ultimately you have to cover the station and prep everything yourself. on the weekends we go through ridiculous amounts of chicken, so i’ve been really working to get all my prep done. i’m starting to get faster at everything, but i’ve definitely been pushed to get faster and more efficient.

overall, it’s been cool just to see what it’s like to work in a restaurant, and also proving that i could work full-time and hold my own. i’ve definitely learned a lot and improved on a lot of kitchen skills. everyone in the kitchen has taught me different things, and i’m really thankful they were all willing to help me. and i’m glad the managers at shokudo gave me this opportunity even though i didn’t have any experience when i applied for the job. it’s been a lot of fun working with all the boh lunch kitchen shift people. it’s been pretty tiring working 60+ hours every week, so i’m ready for my vacation in two weeks! 🙂 after that i might possibly work one day a week and/or during breaks… dunno, we’ll see.

i thought that maybe working in the kitchen full-time would mean i wouldn’t want to cook as much at home, but actually the opposite has been true. well probably having my dream kitchen has helped too. it’s actually easier to come home and start cooking dinner after working eight hours at the restaurant. i guess it’s like well, what’s another hour of cooking? i think i’ve gotten a lot faster too. so i’ve been cooking a lot and we’ve had a few dinner parties too. i just haven’t had time to update my blog. maybe when i go on vacation i can get back to that. this semester i’m taking fundamentals of baking, so i’m really looking forward to that. ready to level up my baking skillz.