baking week 1

last week was the first week of fundamentals of baking with chef wetter. week 1 of baking was more lecture heavy. we learned about the different roles of ingredients and how they influence the final product. it was quite interesting. besides that, we worked on quick breads (biscuits, banana muffins, scones) and we learned to roll baguettes. next week i should take more pictures…

here’s the french bread dough proofing. they look like nice little pillows.

after shaping them, they get to go in little beds to proof some more.

here’s the one i shaped and got to take home (later on when we make them we gotta pay for them).

chef demonstrates the biscuit method. the dough is quite rough and wet initially.

then he folds it 3-4 times to develop the gluten a little bit. it’s pretty fun folding that giant piece of dough

we rolled the dough into a sheet pan, then froze it. later we took it out to cut it. ours had some cheese in the dough. yum. looking forward to trying those when we bake them later.

banana muffins that christine and i made. chef said it tastes best with fermented bananas.

chef wetter’s fruit and cream cheese scones. they were delicious. some lemon glaze and powdered sugar on top.