some photos from patisserie class

some photos from the first three weeks of patisserie. been tempering chocolate, doing chocolate work, made a cake, working on things for plated desserts for the restaurant, ciabatta bread, other stuff. learning a lot and having fun.

some filigrees from week 1:

assembled into a nice piece that can go on a plate:

an army of filigrees:

cake with green tea, chocolate, and pound cake layers.

buttercream to cover it:

made some chocolate spikes, rings, etc.

assembled and put as cake topper:

lots of cakes!

chocolate flower:

chocolate pots:

ciabatta bread!

first night of service – green tea cake with dacquoise (crunchy bottom) and greek yogurt yuzu mousse, mango orange gelato on a hippenmasse leaf (like fortune cookie), and chocolate pot with strawberry/raspberry compote and creme anglaise. very nice and delicious!

second service night – dark and white chocolate butterfly on chocolate spike, creme brulee on top of ginger tapioca in puff pastry shell, strawberry/raspberry compote on a small hippenmasse chip + some chocolate and creme anglaise sauce. those butterflies were hard to make and really fragile, but very pretty! also quite tasty.