five year anniversary

this past pi day we celebrated our five year anniversary. hooray! we have had ups and downs, but it has been a good journey. at the beginning, my family tried to stop us from getting married, but i knew Cameron was the right person for me. i never had any other person i felt so comfortable with, who i could talk to about anything, who seemed to understand me when i could hardly understand myself sometimes. we are just two peas in a pod. Eventually my family understood and was supportive. they all came to our wedding in Honolulu, including my aunts from New York and Toronto.

our first year of marriage was difficult. we were trying to adjust to living with each other; there was quite a bit of stress from our jobs; and we lived in a teeny tiny apartment where you couldn’t really have any personal space. we fought quite often and quite loudly. personally I know it was also a difficult time for me transitioning into the “adult” world. you go through life with lots of people telling you what to do, what’s important. then I realized it wasn’t really a life I was happy in. I’m really glad Cameron has been supportive and let me find my path in life. I also try to be supportive as he is finding his path.

i think things got much happier once we moved back to the house. also, i quit my job that i hated. AND THEN WE GOT RABBITS. rabbits make me happy. anyway, i think being married has helped us mature and grow closer. we’ll keep working at it, and see what the future brings…

more rabbits??? haha just kidding!