this is my buddy kiwi:


he is a very special rabbit. I first met him about six years ago. he was my friend’s rabbit, and sometimes I would bunny-sit him and my friend’s two other rabbits when she went on vacation. he was quite friendly and not afraid of strangers. unfortunately he and the other two rabbits did not get along so he had to live alone.

in November 2012 he was in rather bad shape and my friend was going on a longer vacation. he had stopped using his litter box so the floor of his living area was very dirty with pee and poo. he also was not eating hay, which should be the staple of any rabbit’s diet. he seemed to have stopped grooming himself as well so his fur looked matted and dirty. he seemed kind of sad to be honest. he no longer had that happy friendly demeanor that i remembered. he also had a chronic sneeze that sounded pretty bad. I begged Cameron to let me bring him to our house to try to help him get better and also to take him to the vet.

at first he still did not use his litter box and was probably getting adjusted to living in a pen in our kitchen. I tried to groom him a little bit everyday to get his coat to be a little cleaner and neater. also, he really liked pets so I gave him lots of pets and head rubs. I also found out he loved to eat vegetables. he was so excited when I gave them to him, and he happily munched it all up.

i took him to the vet, and he got some medicine to help his sneeze. it didn’t go away completely though, so even now he still sneezes sometimes. it probably is an old infection that is hard to get rid of.

gradually he started to perk up and his real personality came through again. he started using his litter box more, munching on hay again. he started to groom himself again, and his rex coat started to be nice and soft again. i started to let him out of his pen when i was home and found out he loves to hop around! he would run all around the kitchen and if he heard me open the refrigerator, he would run over to see if he could get any veggies! such a happy, friendly rabbit.

i grew really attached to him and was figuring out how to ask nicely if we could keep him. luckily, my friend asked first! she was so happy that he was doing better and that he would have a nice home here.


the next challenge was to bond kiwi with my other two rabbits, fontina and fubini. i really wanted to help them be friends, especially because kiwi never had other bunny friends as far as we know. having friends helps rabbits be happier and live longer. it was quite a challenge though. fubini and kiwi pretty much got along from the beginning, but fontina was very stubborn and did not like him for a while. i had to sit with the three of them in a pen for two or more hours every day for something like a month. finally they were able to live together! fontina still wasn’t best buddies with him, but at least they could be roommates. fubini was a good friend and sat with kiwi in bed and groomed him. i think kiwi was really happy to have a bunny friend finally.

after a few months of living together, we had a Christmas miracle! fontina and kiwi were sitting right next to each other in bed being buddies. now he had two bunny buddies! i was very happy to see everyone bonded and happy.


we don’t know his exact age, but kiwi is probably around eight and a half now. he is starting to get old. he has cataracts so his vision is getting worse; he has some foot sores that are common in rexes so i try to make sure he has some towels and beds to sit on; he still has his chronic sneeze that sometimes gets worse and he has to get more medicine; sometimes he loses his balance and falls over; he has some trouble reaching some parts of himself when grooming; recently he lost a lot of weight and had to have blood work done to find out what is going on.

but even with all these things going on, his spirit remains so strong. he still gets so excited to eat his vegetables, he still loves to run down the hallway, he loves munching on hay, he loves getting pets. at the vet he had to get some iv fluids due to dehydration, and even the vet was surprised when right after he was munching on his hay. he is such a wonderful rabbit who really loves life. we are really lucky to have him in our life. i hope we can figure out why he is losing weight and help him get better. hang in there, kiwi.


introducing fubini crafts!

last july I decided to start an etsy store called fubini crafts. it has been a very interesting experience. I think I’ve always wanted to make crafts and sell them. when I was a kid, I used to make cards and sell them to my mom. i also made lots of things to give away as gifts. along the way i have collected tons of supplies. i may have a problem with buying craft supplies. anyway, looking at my huge paper collection, i decided to try starting an etsy store to see if i could sell anything!

at the beginning i really had no idea what i was doing. i just made a few origami crane earrings and a few crochet items, and threw them up on the internet. not surprisingly, i didn’t sell very many things for a while. there has been a lot to learn about taking pictures, getting found in search, making descriptions, packaging, keeping a budget, etc.

it is also very interesting to see what sells well, what brings in viewers, and what flops. the first surprise seller were some origami dinosaur ornaments i basically made on a whim and listed for the heck of it. i was so surprised when i sold a bunch of them! this year I’m going to try to stock up on them because I’m guessing they will sell even better this year.


i have a lot of origami earrings in my store, but the jewelry market seems to be a harder market, so i am still working on how to sell more of my earrings.


a few months ago i decided to try making some origami cards. i thought the card market would also be quite saturated, but my cards are doing really well. they are my best and most consistent sellers. the runaway best seller so far is the father’s day card. it says, “Dad, you are like a dinosaur… totally awesome!”


anyway, we’ll see where this shop goes. right now i am working on figuring out how to balance this shop with the rest of my life. it is fun, but sometimes it takes up a lot of time to keep up with orders. I also have so many ideas, it’s hard to find the time to make new things!

family visit

I am so slow to update my blog… but anyway, in march my parents, brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew came to visit us for a week. it was great to have everyone together, especially since this past Christmas I didn’t get a chance to see them all. it was also the first time I got to meet my nephew max, who was about 8 months old and very cute. it was also a nice chance for Cameron’s family and my family to get to hang out a little. we had a nice time fishing in Waianae and eating fried chicken.


we also had some fun times at the aquarium, zoo, and the beach. also, a rabbit photo shoot.


my brother and his wife also treated us to a very special dinner at chef mavro’s to celebrate our 5th anniversary. it was pretty incredible.

they decided to splurge on the fresh truffles flown in from france. they were shaved onto about half the courses:


some bread:


amuse bouche – yuzu marinated nairagi, Hanapepe salt, anise leaves:


freshly shaved truffles in action:


scallops “declinaison” – diver scallops three ways / ceviche, lime juice, rocoto chili, chulpe corn / escabeche, maui onion, shaved fennel, coriander seed, plugra butter potato chip / seared, truffled extra virgin emulsion, pancetta crust :


egg truffle – from Peterson’s upland farm, truffle “osmose,” potato mousseline, chervil, Serrano ham ribbons :


foie gras balsamic vinegar – sautéed Hudson valley foie gras, poached black mission fig, braised sovoy cabbage, balsamic glaze, Portuguese sweet bread crouton :


catch raito – seared day boat catch, braised radicchio in burgundy wine, sautéed baby spinach, chicharron, provencale raito sauce :


lobster espelette – lemongrass accented roasted lobster a la coque, fricassee of island avocado, kahuku sweet corn chipolata, crustacean sphere, lobster jus :


close-up of the kahuku sweet corn:


duck star anise – free range duckling from grimaud farm in double cooking fried Bhutanese rice, black garlic, duck leg bacon, baby carrots, haricot verts, braised fennel, star anise duck jus :


lamb Monegasque – roasted niman ranch lamb loin, layers of confit maui onion, eggplant, zucchini & tomato, rosemary lamb jus, sumida farm watercress, with aioli dip :


wagyu japonais – 100% wagyu beef medallions, yuzu kosho accents, oxtail quail egg loco moco, sansho jus, potato mocha :


feta cheese quince – Hawaii island seared feta cheese layered with country bread tuiles, salad of pickled quince, sea asparagus, green peppercorn, li hing mui, rare Hawaiian organic “white honey” :


pre-dessert – honeydew melon in champagne gelee, fresh mint :


creamsicle lilkoi – passion fruit & vanilla “creamsicle,” sauternes gelee, anise coconut froth, macaroon crisp :


chocolate black sesame – Waialua chocolate cremeaux, black sesame seed caramelized rice, orange meringue, hazelnut dragees, butterscotch crisp & sauce (next 2 photos) :



big thanks to my brother and his wife for this great meal! also thanks to them for bringing the kids and coming to visit us here. it was a lot of fun, and maybe they can all come again in another few years!