rabbit update

good news, everyone, kiwi is doing a lot better. I have been monitoring his weight, and he is slowly gaining weight. I have been slowly increasing his pellet intake too, since the vet said that will help him maintain his weight. he still has some sneezing, so that will probably still be a chronic problem that may need treatment if it gets worse.

fontina and fubini are also doing well. fubini had some stiff joints at his last vet visit though, so now he is on some oxbow join supplements. he also lost some weight, so I am monitoring everyone’s weight and trying to make sure they maintain healthy weights. sometimes fubini will just eat a little at a time, so I have to keep trying to see if he is hungry. his new favorite spot to hang out is under the bed.

fontina is still a little chubby, but she has lost some weight so that is good. I have been having fubini and fontina stand up to get their veggies to help them get some more exercise. they seem to enjoy it too, so we’ll keep doing that. actually fubini and fontina have been coming out of their room a lot more recently. I have them eat dinner in the bathroom and then they’ll often check out the living room and/or the bedroom. sometimes I’m not sure where all the rabbits are! I think everyone is happy though, so that is the main thing 🙂