in memory of miss fontina

miss fontina passed away on November 4, 2015 around 9am.


she was a great bunny. she always took care of fubini and groomed him a lot and made him feel safe. she was very assertive – if you were in her way, she would nip you to say, “get out of my way!” she was also very intelligent. after fubini passed away, we did clicker training and she caught on quickly and really enjoyed it.¬†every night, she would wait for me on one of her boxes that we used for training. she also loved to eat, although she was a little picky about her veggies. and she loved tunnels. she never met a tunnel she didn’t want to run through.

we developed a very strong bond, especially after fubini passed away. I made sure to spend a lot more time with her, playing with her and doing clicker training. sometimes I was tired, but she was always waiting and looking forward to it, so we did some training every night.

her passing was very sudden. she had been in good health, and then she got stasis, which she had once before. I took her to the vet, and they gave her the standard treatment, but then i could tell she seemed to be worse. I was going to take her to the vet first thing in the morning, but then right before we were going to go, i found her on her side in the litterbox. it was the saddest thing to pick up her limp body, still warm.

I thought we had a few more years together. I felt the most sad i’ve ever felt in my life, a small Fontina shaped piece of my heart gone. the vet did an autopsy and said her intestines had got stuck by a hernia she had, and that’s why she passed so suddenly.

you’re my favorite bunny, fontina, we’ll miss you!!!