fontina and fubini

we adopted fontina and fubini from the bunny bunch in august. it was quite an adventure traveling from california to hawaii. we met a few bonded pairs at “the burrow” and had some play time with fubini and fontina. they seemed to be pretty comfortable with us and our personalities were a good match. here’s cameron assembling the carrier to take them home:

they love to eat their pellets, veggies, and hay. mmm delicious greens.

fontina is named after the cheese. fontina munches on some timothy hay.

hanging out in her box.

fubini is named after the mathematician. we learned fubini’s theorem in ma1c at caltech. fubini explores the living room:


the buns relaxing in their room.

they are great buns, and we have a lot of fun together 🙂

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