in memory of mr. fubini


mr. fubini passed away on tuesday 5/12/2015 at about 9:30 am HST.

that week he was shedding a lot, so I had been trying to groom him everyday and try to make sure he was still eating and pooping normally. on Monday night though, he didn’t want to eat. I picked him up to try to groom him, but he started freaking out, like he was scared for his life. he jumped out of my arms and broke one of his nails. I never saw him like that, it was very scary. I tried to jiggle his stomach for a while and gave him some infant’s anti-gas medicine. the last time he wasn’t eating that had helped and he was eating again the next day.

the next morning though, he still didn’t want to eat, so I called his vet’s office to take him in. his normal vet wasn’t working though, so I took him to another clinic, the one kiwi had gone to when he started having seizures.

I brought him and fontina in their carrier. they took us to a room pretty quickly. they asked about what was going on with him, and then they took him out of the carrier. all of a sudden he started freaking out again, like the night before. he was so scared and trying to get away from the vet, but they had him in a towel. he was struggling like crazy, and then suddenly he stopped. “oh no, he’s crashing, we’re taking him to the back.”

a few minutes later the vet came back, carrying his lifeless body still in the towel. “I’m sorry…”

the vet said he probably got so scared he had a heart attack. but the way he was acting probably was related to something else going on, some underlying sickness maybe. he had been losing weight recently as well as muscle mass in his back legs for the past year or two.


mr. fubini and his bun-wife fontina were my first house rabbits. I fostered some other house rabbits before, but they were the first house rabbits I had the privilege of calling my own bunnies. we adopted them in august 2011 from the bunny bunch in Montclair, CA.

mr. fubini always was a more scared rabbit. when he was first getting used to living with us, he would start thumping his feet every time he heard Cameron’s slippers shuffle past his room. sometimes I didn’t hear anything, but all of a sudden he would get scared and run into his box or tunnel if he thought he heard something.


it took him a little while to adjust to his new life. I never knew a rabbit like him either, so I had to learn what was comfortable for him and how to get to know him better. I found out he hated to be picked up, but he loved being pet. he loved having his head rubbed, his neck scratched, and his back massaged. he would sit there for as long as you were willing to give him pets and relax his head right into the ground. if you tried to leave, he would lift his head up, and be like, “why are you stopping??”

sometimes he was kind of a grumpy rabbit. anytime I had to groom him or cut his nails, he would not be happy about it, and then sulk for at least 15 minutes. he would refuse any treats for that time, and turn his butt towards you to make sure you knew he was not happy. the rest of the time though, he was a very nice rabbit.


mr. fubini was also kiwi’s first rabbit friend. most other rabbits didn’t seem to like kiwi, but fubini never was mean to him. he accepted him from the first time he met him, and kiwi really loved him. kiwi was always looking for fubini to sit next to him, even if he had to be in an uncomfortable position. kiwi was just happy to be with his buddy fubini. fubini helped groom kiwi too, especially when kiwi had a hard time grooming himself towards the end of his life.

fubini was the middle-rabbit, often sitting between fontina and kiwi because fontina didn’t like kiwi too much. kiwi helped fubini and fontina come out of their shells more. they didn’t like to come out of their room much before, but kiwi ran out to the living room every morning, and they started following him out.

fubini loved eating hay, kale, lettuce, and joint supplements. he did not like to try new things. when he first got prescribed the joint supplements, he licked it and turned away. I had to chop it into little pieces and mix it with his pellets to get him to eat it. by the end, it was his favorite thing to eat, and he would come out to the living room if I forgot to give it to him. even getting him to eat certain fruits was difficult because he didn’t want to try new things. silly rabbit.

fubini also loved to sleep in his beds. he loved to sleep under our bed too, a nice dark safe place. his favorite toy was the wicker balls. I called those “rabbit crack,” because he could eat up one of those things with fontina in less then 10 minutes.


fubini really loved fontina. he loved to sit by her everyday. he loved having her groom him. he always would run over to sit by her, and stick his head under her head so she could groom him. he hardly returned the favor, but fontina didn’t mind. she always lovingly groomed him all the time. she wasn’t as scared as him, and gave him a lot of comfort.

when fubini passed, I was so worried about fontina. how heartbreaking to lose her hus-bun of so many years. the first few days she looked for him all over the house. I didn’t know what to do. I heard that letting a rabbit spend some time with their dead mate can help them reach closure, but I messed up and didn’t make arrangements for that.

thankfully, fontina has been eating normally and seems to be doing okay. I’ve been trying to make sure to spend more time with her and make sure she isn’t lonely. we’ve been doing clicker training everyday as a fun activity and as exercise, because fontina is kind of overweight actually. I’m not sure if she’d want a new friend; we’ll see how it goes. for now, we’ll just take it day by day, and treasure our time with fontina.

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