don’t touch that hat!

my mom made me clean my room when I visited, which i have been avoiding for 10+ years. first of all, apparently i am a hoarder. anyway, among all the crap, i found this gem that i wrote when i was 7.


Once upon a time there was a hat it was suppose to dance and play with people but it was broken one day and it would have a special button to push but when you pushed it it would not dance or play. And if you pushed the botton something very very bad would happen to you like you mite turn into a snail. And a girl named Tracey found the hat and asked her family if they new whose it was but they didn’t know who it belonged to. So her mom didn’t tell any one that she saw a button. And she prested it and turned into a giant peanbutter sandwich!

And Tracey saw her mother and she was wondering why her mother was a big giant peanut butter sandwich. And her mother told her about the box and the button that she pushed. And Tracey’s father saw her mother and asked what happended to her and she told him like she told Tracey. And Tracey’s dad pushed the button and he turned into a rabbit! And it happened the same way as her mother turned into a peanut butter sandwich. And Tracey’s parents couldn’t go to work and. And another day Tracey pressed the button and she turned into a turtle! And it was horible! And Tracey walked very very slow.

But one day the wizard that owned the hat was looking for it and one of Tracey’s brothers was walking with the wizard. And they both were going to Tracey’s house. And the wizard was going to wave his wand so they would be there but his want didn’t work Tracey’s brother turned very small you could hardly see him because he was so so small. And Tracey’s father was good at fixing things so when wizard got there, he told about the hat and hot it was sick. And he was going to wave his wand and make it better but before he did Tracey’s dad found a batery and fixed it and they all were normal again. And had a party.

The End

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  1. Love it! lol. I need to clean my room too. I still have letters from when you wrote to me when you were in Taiwan! That was like 2nd grade? haha.

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