hop li w/ bingus

bingus came to visit for a week, which was pretty exciting. except he stole my hand mixer. punk!

anyway, five of us went out to eat dinner at hop li (855 S. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia) with bingus. bingus loves hop li. i think it is a good restaurant too, but it’s a little more expensive than i’m used to (because i am kinda cheap). my parents approve of it and go there semi-regularly; they know good chinese food. hop li also has good and reasonably priced dim sum at lunch.
our meal was quite delicious. we ordered four dishes (for 5 people), which was about the right amount.

string beans

first there were the string beans. lena thinks these string beans are life-changing. they are pretty damn tasty.

lamb chops

next, we had some fried lamb chops. mmm… lamb chops are always so tasty. the seasoning on this lamb had a good saltiness and spiciness.


then, there was this tofu dish. it had some veggies underneath and some of that bamboo fungus stuff on top along with the dried-scallop sauce. nice big pieces of that deep-fried tofu in the sauce… yum.

honey pork chops

finally, we had these deep-fried pork chops that had a honey sauce on the outside. i think one has to admit that deep fried pork chops can do no wrong. the honey sauce was very good – not too sweet or overpowering.

unintentionally, everything we ordered was fried, but it was really good. we also had bowls of complimentary red bean soup after eating.

2 thoughts on “hop li w/ bingus

    That place is SO good. it’s a shame i didn’t discover it til summer after senior year…

    the pictures look really really good 🙁

    (and “unintentionally” ordered all fried? huh?)
    ((free crab!!!))

  2. every time i eat with you and cameron, there is a much larger percentage of fried food!

    we should’ve gotten the free crab!!!

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