royal hawaiian bbq madness!

cameron and i were searching online for hawaiian bbq’s in the area, and we discovered this website, where there’s a list of southern california plate lunch locations. we found one called royal hawaiian bbq (158 w. foothill, monrovia), which is not too far, and we found some good reviews on it.

ok, so i cannot deny the deliciousness of plate lunches, but i don’t like to eat them too often because they are super bad for you and kind of nasty if you think about it too much. if they had more vegetables and less macaroni salad maybe they would a little better. although everything is still fried. but so tasty…

anyway, when bingus came to visit, we kind of promised him we’d take him to eat some hawaiian food. and somehow cameron convinced me that the two of us should take royal hawaiian bbq on a test run before we took bingus there. so somehow we ended up eating there TWICE in one week. i think i’d be more disgusted by this if weren’t so DELICIOUS.

round one:

someone who wrote about this place online said the kalua pork was really good, so i got that. plus it has cabbage, and vegetables make me happy. it was very tasty. the kalua pork has that nice pulled pork consistency, and the seasonings were also yummy. the saltiness of the pork balanced by the cabbage was really good.

kalua pork

cameron had the honey garlic chicken. apparently “the mainland” doesn’t offer much garlic chicken, unlike hawaii, where it is a staple. cameron thought it was quite delicious, and i agree.

honey garlic chicken

after trying the food, i asked cameron how he would rate royal hawaiian bbq. he said he would give it an 85/100. compare this to the 35/100 he would give L&L’s! he said the rice was nice, the macaroni salad was quite good, and the main part was very good. i think this is the only macaroni salad i actually like. usually it is too mayo-y and nasty, but i ate mine all up this time.

round two:

round two almost didn’t happen because bingus was pretty booked, and cameron and i were kinda busy too. then we decided to go on a week night, but then we couldn’t find anyone so it was just me and bingus. and he was all like, “maybe we shouldn’t go since there’s only us two, and it is kinda far.” but then i was like, “let’s just go! it is delicious!” i think i’ve gone insane.

then we relied on the fact that other people would hopefully help us eat because we got a lot of food…


bingus has no self control. i had to stop him from ordering even more food. and afterwards he was like, “we should have ordered more!” we also tried their spam musubis, but we were really hungry so we ate them in the car.

okay, so we got two orders of kalua pork. then, we tried the fried mahi mahi,

fried mahi mahi

the hawaiian mix (?), which had bbq chicken, pork, beef, and kalbi ribs i think,

bbq mix

the chicken katsu and bbq beef (special of the day),

katsu and beef

and finally, OF COURSE, the loco moco.

loco moco

it was pretty tasty stuff. except when we got back no one was home… but eventually people came to eat with us, and we devoured all the food. the only disappointing thing was the eggs weren’t runny again!!! so sad. maybe next week we’ll have time to make our own loco mocos, which will have very runny eggs. besides that, the loco moco (and all the other food) was quite tasty. extreme close-up!

loco moco extreme close-up

conclusion: royal hawaiian bbq is a winner. in addition, it is located by WING STOP. one day i will go there and buy 1000 wings for $500.

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  1. I too loved this royal hawaiian bbq place. I also enjoyed their sesame chicken wings, chicken katsu and galic salmon. I’ve found out their saimin is flown in from Hawaii! Their food is just Ono-licious!!!

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