hawaii: day 1

spring break in hawaii!  mmm… tasty. 

on the night we arrived, cameron’s mom prepared a bunch of yummy food for us to eat.  yum! 
we had…

somen salad

somen noodle salad,



beef and chicken

beef and chicken. 

it was all very tasty.  those shrimp had a real kick of wasabi!

2 thoughts on “hawaii: day 1

  1. all right! i was all like “i wonder what wing and cameron are doing in hawaii”. i was glad to see that you’ve documented your trip here (well the food portion anyways)

    yay! i miss hawaii.

  2. camera curse! i dropped my camera :( :( :(

    i had to borrow mrs. taketa’s camera for the last two days. it’s all your fault!!! you angered the island last year.

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