hawaii: day 8

by day 8, cameron was craving some plate lunch so cameron’s dad picked up some yummy stuff from kai’s. cameron had the garlic chicken, which he says is really good at kai’s:

garlic chicken

i tried some. man, that is really garlic-y chicken! it has some nice flavor though. i had the giant plate of chicken katsu:

chicken katsu

for dinner, we went to jimbo, a japanese restaurant specializing in udon.

jimbo udon house

it was pretty crowded when we got there, so we had to wait about 15 minutes for a table. the restaurant is pretty small and the tables are pretty tight together, but it’s a cute little place. i liked it. i ordered the chicken, tempura, and vegetable udon (it looked like the biggest one they had):

delicious udon

it was by far the best bowl of udon i’ve ever had. it might be the best bowl of noodles i’ve ever had. okay, first of all, the udon is homemade so that alone was really tasty. then, all the toppings were really excellent and balanced. there were a few different types of vegetables, all cooked to a good consistency and with good flavor. then the egg was in a poached style with the egg just barely cooked solid. the chicken was also simply cooked but tasty, and there was also a yummy fried fishcake. but the real star of this udon was the broth. i could really tell that they put a lot of care into their broth. the flavors were really rich and deep, full of different vegetable flavors and the perfect amount of seasoning. a lot of places just put in a lot of salt and artificial flavors, so by the end of your bowl, all you taste is that saltiness. i drank this broth down to the last drop because is was so amazingly tasty and well-suited to the udon.

cameron had one of the combos so it had a bowl of udon, a small plate of pickled vegetables, and a bowl of rice and vegetable tempura.

more delicious udon

cameron said his meal was also excellent. later on, we had a snack at ALOHA SUSHI:

kimchi spam roll

cameron and i each had a spam kimchi roll. mmm… it is kind of nasty but so tasty. and of course…

holotta ice cream

my last and final banana ice cream:

banana ice cream

i love you, holotta ice cream 🙂

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  1. WAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! on second thought… stop posting these pictures!!!!!

    [sobs to self]

    [schemes to find a reason to go live in hawaii]

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