hawaii: day 9

we had a pretty full day planned for our last day in hawaii (saturday), and it began with some tasty dim sum with cameron’s parents and their friends kevin and monica. we went to the tiny china town and ate at won kee restaurant:

won kee restaurant

the dim sum was quite tasty. i don’t know if it’s as good as the best dim sum in L.A., but it was very respectable. random assortment #1:

more yummy dim sum

on the above plate there is (clockwise) siu mai (shao mai), a yummy seafood mix wrapped in bean curd, turnip cake, char seu chueng fun (bbq pork in the big white noodle thing), chives and shrimp dumpling, and no mai gai (sticky rice with chicken).
random assortment #2:

yummy dim sum

pictured above is (clockwise) ha gao (shrimp dumpling), pork and other stuff wrapped in bean curd, pork and scallop dumpling, bo lo bao (pineapple bun with custard), char seu bao, egg roll, and in the center some sort of dumpling.

the seafood bean curd thing was something i don’t see at other dim sum places, and it was really tasty! it had this really yummy fish in it. the bo lo bao (my favorite dim sum) was pretty good here, but i like the top part to be a little sweeter and more crumbly. the custard inside was extremely creamy and smooth though.

after that cameron’s parents spent the afternoon driving us around the island.

first stop: national memorial cemetery of the pacific

national memorial cemetery of the pacific

the national memorial cemetery of the pacific is located near the punchbowl, and it’s a memorial for people who served in WWII, the vietnam war, and the korean war. it also contains the courts of the missing, honoring more than 10,000 people from those wars. there’s a large walkway with murals showing some of the major battles, and there’s also a really nice lookout point nearby.


after that, we drove to the dole plantation! pineapple!


the dole plantation is a total tourist trap (but i love it). they have the world’s largest maze, the pineapple express, a plantation garden tour, and plenty of photo opportunities:

happy pineapples

i wanted to go see all the attractions, but they charge admission for everything! 🙁 i didn’t get to go that day, but one day i want to go to the maze! i did buy some stuff at the enormous gift shop. the dole plantation is totally the man in hawaii (like starbucks and microsoft). they even had an informational panel about that:

jim dole: the man

i really wanted to try the dole pineapple softserve but the line was too long. i liked the dole plantation a lot though… pineapples are so happy!

happy plush pineapple

then we kept driving to the north shore to look for the tasty shrimp truck and to get shave ice. we found one of giovanni’s trucks, but it was sold out. 🙁 they said there was another truck farther down the road, but first we got shave ice at aoki’s:

aoki's shave ice

apparently there is a more famous shave ice place nearby, but cameron’s parents said this one is just as good.

shave ice

mr. taketa had the rainbow one, mrs. taketa had mango and some other tropical fruit, cameron had the sunset one, and i had one with blue hawaii (?) and some other tropical flavors with some li hing on top. i also got ice cream and red beans in mine:

mmm... shave ice

mmm… the red bean and ice cream was really good. the ice kept melting though, so we tried to eat it faster, but…

brain freeze!

BRAIN FREEZE!!! (best picture of cameron)

we kept driving after that, and then we saw it…

giovanni's shrimp truck

giovanni’s shrimp truck! this truck sold only one type of shrimp:

garlic shrimp

deliciously fresh and juicy garlic shrimp. even though i wasn’t a huge fan of the way the shrimp was cooked (and swimming in oil), the shrimp itself was very good. they were pretty large, tasted fresh, and had good texture.

after our shrimp stop, we drove around more, stopped at some scenic places, and enjoyed the nice weather.

pretty hawaii

for dinner, we went to yasura for some tasty ramen:


i was craving ramen the whole week we were in hawaii, so i ordered the big bowl that had everything in it:

large bowl of ramen

cameron called it my dream bowl of ramen because it had so many different toppings. corn, hard boiled egg, seaweed, shrimp tempura, pork, chicken katsu, bamboo, napa, bean sprouts, and a couple other types of vegetables. it was all very delicious. the only thing i didn’t like as much was the broth. initially it was okay, but by the end, it was much too salty. this was not like the delicious udon broth i had at jimbo’s. still, it was a very satisfying bowl of ramen.

and speaking of dream bowls of ramen, here’s mine: the broth of jimbo’s with fresh ramen topped with two (or three?) soy sauce/tea eggs, two poached eggs (cooked until the yolk has just solidified), corn, fried fish cake, vegetables, and maybe a slice of pork. mmm… so good.

cameron had the mapo tofu ramen:

mapo tofu ramen

his was not quite as large as mine, but he said it was quite good and not too spicy.


4 thoughts on “hawaii: day 9

  1. actually before the trip i lost a lot of weight because i got food poisoning, so i ended up back at my normal weight 🙂

  2. WOWW!!! 😀
    very cool! so you did end up catching some of the stuff we missed last year (shave ice!). thanks for posting everything. it’s almost like i was there… except i didn’t get to eat anything… and i wasn’t actually there… but i’m sure YOU guys had fun… sniff……

    [clap clap clap]

  3. the weather was so nice this year too! barely any rain and it wasn’t as hot as last year. next time you go to hawaii you can catch all the yumminess you missed. HOLOTTA ICE CREAM

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