art class final project

art class is over 🙁

but everyone did awesome self-portraits for our final projects! too bad i didn’t take pictures of everyone’s work. they were all amazing! some people did paintings, someone did one with ink and brush, someone did color pencil, a couple of us did charcoal. we had complete freedom in doing this so it was really neat to see what everyone created.

i had a lot of trouble narrowing down my ideas for this. plus the piece of paper was very large. finally, on the night before it was due, i took a couple pictures of myself to try to decide what kind of expression i should have. i liked the one where i was pretending to think deeply, so i chose it as the inspiration for my portrait. since the expression had to be just right and the paper was so large, i drew a grid (i was not super hardcore… didn’t have enough time!) to help me get it right. it turned out pretty well. i also cut out pictures of food from rachael ray’s magazine 🙂 the thought dots with glare are cream puffs and cookies 🙂


the people in my class really liked it 🙂 i told them how i am always thinking about my next meal(s) and food in general. i think everyone did a great job, and it was really fun to share this project with each other. BEST CLASS EVER.

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  1. hi christina! i just started it this year to keep track of recipes and yummy food pictures. glad you found it! 🙂

    (and i’m glad you didn’t have to draw naked people for this project)

    um… you should post it. or i guess i can see it if you bring it to hawaii ;p

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