corfu restaurant
Corfu is a small Greek restaurant in (my hometown) Sierra Madre that serves excellent breakfast and lunch (I’ve never tried their dinner). Sierra Madre is next to some bigger cities like Arcadia and Pasadena, but it’s kept things really local and friendly. There are no traffic lights anywhere in the city, and there is one main street where mostly independent small businesses and restaurants keep shop. The library, city hall, fire station, police station, and park are all within a couple blocks of each other on this street too. We have one tiny KFC and a Domino’s, but I think that’s all in terms of the big franchises. It’s a nice neighborhood – the houses are all not too big and not too new, but people keep up their gardens and it’s very pleasant. I think a lot of retired people live here so that keeps things at a slower pace.

Anyway, Corfu is on the main street (Sierra Madre Blvd.), and it has some nice outdoor seating in front or comfortable indoor seating with a great view of the mountains and the street. Their food is always fresh and delicious. For breakfast, they have a bunch of yummy choices, and almost all come with some really excellent fresh bread they toast and their tasty tasty flavorful hearty home potatoes. I REALLY like the sandwiches they serve at lunch too. The tuna melt is unbeatable. They have that delicious toasty fresh sourdough with melted cheese and a really good tuna mixture that has capers, onions, and some other additions. It’s a really nice-sized sandwich too, and it comes with a nice simple lettuce and tomato salad. I think they must soak the tomatoes or something, because they always are a little softened and juicy with some kind of vinaigrette I think. The Brie Chicken (with BACON, onions, and brie cheese) and Grilled Chicken are my two other favorites.

The prices have gone up a little in the past few years so I haven’t been there much recently, but the food is still great and it’s not unreasonably priced so I still go once in a while with my mom. I took Cameron there for breakfast the other day. mmm… it was so good.

I had the country style eggs (two eggs over-easy, topped with three strips of bacon, basil, tomatoes, scallions, and swiss cheese).

country style eggs

I usually get one of the omelettes, so this was my first time trying this. It was intense but seriously delicious. The bacon and cheese were pretty strong elements, but the tomatoes and basil helped lighten them up, so along with the juicy yolk, it was so tasty. Runny yolks make me so happy.

country style eggs close-up

I think the portion size was just right too. If there were any more, it might have become nasty. Of course, the fresh and toasty sourdough and the home potatoes were great too!

Cameron had the Mountain Trail Omelette (three eggs, bell peppers, onions, diced ham, bacon, and cheddar cheese).

mountain trail omelette

Their omelettes have the egg over the rest of the stuff (not enclosed like some other places make them):

mountain trail omelette close-up

mmm… These photos are making me hungry. Next time I gotta go get some of their sandwiches!

48 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.
Sierra Madre, CA 91024
(626) 355-5993

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  1. Looks delicious. But I seem to recall a few weeks ago you said you’d stop eating bacon because you felt sorry for the pigs. I knew you didn’t mean it!

    And hooray for runny yolks.

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