ditch day! (just kidding)

i’ll post about the real ditch day later. for now, here are our fakes:

1. clue: for this we just made one big stack with all the seniors who could work on it. my awesome idea of having the murder weapon be paper that caused a fatal death to someone with hemophilia was sadly rejected by special k. 🙁

2. the dating stack: lena and i made this stack that coined the phrase, “herpes slurpees.”

3. peeps: cameron and i took the easter theme and bought lots of half-price peeps. the highlight (?): the peep peep show. not suitable for children.

4. parodius: random things ending in dodgeball!


5. gummi bears: happy druggy bears!

gummi bears

6. chuck norris karate kommandos: IT’S REAL! hands-down, the best thing ever created on television. watch the opening sequence at http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1642842

chuck norris karate kommandos

i think this was probably our best fake. we just struck gold. cameron found this show when researching for the real stack, and we knew it had to be done. we made them do karate exercises like in the karate kid (wax on wax off!), roundhouse kick ninjas, and play pictionary/charades with chuck norris facts. Did you know that Chuck Norris has to maintain a concealed weapon license in all 50 states in order to legally wear pants?

7. captain planet: this was our all-campus fake. i screwed up the first clue so things got mixed up, but then the stackers kept calling me and saying, “hi, gaia?,” which was funny. thankfully, we had a good ending where their ring-pop’s combined and out came bing dressed as captain planet! then they ran to millikan pond to play there and “remove all the water to save the beavers.” too bad bing didn’t paint himself silver.

captain planet

my beautiful wallboard took a while, so i sacrificed sleeping that night for captain planet.

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  1. hi jessica! i was told nick ma had pictures, but i never saw them. there might not be any pictures 🙁 but maybe that is for the better 🙂

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