getty center and matsuri

the getty center is gorgeous.

getty center

the garden is really pretty.

getty center garden

pretty getty

for dinner, we went to matsuri, a japanese restaurant really close to caltech. this was my third time going there. i remember the first time i went there, i didn’t like it that much because the tables for two people are much too close together. if you have more people, it is okay though. the food is generally pretty good, but a little more expensive. dinner is probably around $15-20 per person. we started with two appetizers, vegetable croquettes and shrimp tempura.


these croquettes were excellent. very delicious and smooth inside with a very nice crispy, well-fried exterior. these are probably my favorite item at this restaurant.

shrimp tempura

the tempura here is also excellent. nice and light and crispy. some places have much heavier tempura batter, which is not as tasty.

this time i had the tempura and sashimi combo:

tempura and sashimi
this was a very excellent choice. the fish here is very fresh and delicious. my brother had a sushi combination plate:


he said is was very good. my parents and jen had some chicken and beef teriyaki, which they said was not very good. the chicken was kind of dry and the beef was overcooked.

i think matsuri has some really good sushi, tempura, and croquettes, but for things like chicken and beef teriyaki, it’s not very good and kind of expensive. the service is not bad. the only other thing is the two-person tables are too close for comfort. if you have at least four people and like sushi, it’s quite good.
1065 e. green st.
pasadena, ca 91106

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  1. i like how you arranged the getty pictures. and the sushi looks so good, but i’m sure you’ll have better in hawaii! (and of course… there’s always aloha sushi too)

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