so i’ve been in hawaii for a week now. it is really nice here. it gets pretty warm in the afternoon, but there’s always a nice breeze at least. i’m staying in a room on the bottom floor of cameron’s house. i’ll be like bing and post pictures of it some time later. anyway, what have i been doing so far? mostly relaxing. we didn’t really have internet until the weekend, so last week i used that as my excuse not to look for a job. i started reading a couple books from the library: guns, germs, and steel by our commencement speaker jared diamond. he is a good writer but not really a good speaker. also wuthering heights by emily bronte. i almost started this book a bunch of times but never got around to reading it. and rabbit, run by john updike.

i also made some cards 🙂 mmm… i love paper.


i started a new sketchbook on the plane too. i’m trying to get into the habit of working on it everyday. mmm… also went shopping a bunch of times and went to church and stuff. been playing the wii too. grocery shopping. running. eating mangoes. organizing my room. eating toast.

in terms of food, cameron and i are cooking twice a week. i’ll post some of that later. yep, so things have been good so far. this week i started looking for a job! here’s a pretty picture i took on the freeway:


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6 thoughts on “hawaii!

  1. cool… maybe you should become an artist. no really! you might think about looking for a job as a graphic designer in hawaii. but ya, keep practicing!

  2. hi bingus! hmm… i think i have to go back to school to get a graphic design job. chemistry is not very helpful 🙁 but hey, in my job search i found some M.E. jobs! 🙂

  3. i’m not sure, but it may be possible to get a start in the business as a side job. call around to a bunch of places, and see if they need an assistant. show them some of the stuff you’ve done. esp i feel like in hawaii, it would be more possible to do it this way, cuz people are more like “shakas brah”

  4. hi wing! tis me helen..hehe. long time no see. Im really enjoying your site. You are very talented, both as a cook and as a craft maker!!

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