arrival and pasta

the first night we arrived, cameron’s mom prepared us yummy food again 🙂

sushi and stuff

we all fared pretty well on the flight, but mr. nibbles lost some weight from all the stress of travel:


he’s doing much better now.

the next night we made some garlic bread and pasta. i can’t remember who made this for me, but one time someone cooked whole heads of garlic in the oven until they were like butter to spread directly onto some bread. anyway, that’s what we did. cooked 2.5 heads of garlic in the oven, then squeezed the yumminess into a bowl and mixed it with BUTTER 🙂 then we spread it all over the bread and covered that with parmesan cheese. it turned out to be very tasty:

garlic bread

then we just made some simple pasta and sauce:

cameron cooking

we put sausages, baby bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, and garlic with some store bought spaghetti sauce.

spaghetti and salad

2 thoughts on “arrival and pasta

  1. who’s mr. nibbles?! is peter rabbit cheating on simba? i was worried about simba getting squished in the luggage too, but i think i’m too old to bring stuffed animals on planes. i think i really need to wash him…

    dang it… cameron’s mom never cooks for me anymore… i feel unloved.

  2. peter rabbit went into his retirement home at my house. he’s getting old! mr. nibbles is a bunny too. but he rebounded pretty well so i think simba would be okay in your luggage.

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