wedding cake

marci and craig got married this weekend! they had a really nice small outdoor ceremony, and then a big reception with a HUGE buffet. i think everyone had a good time.


and here she is!

cake again

here’s marci and craig cutting the cake:

cake cutting

marci has the best expressions 😀

okay, i took the time to make the cake, so i made sure to document all the steps. here we go!

first step, baked all the cakes. then each column shows the assembly of each of the three layers. last picture is the cakes chilling in the fridge.

cake construction

next is the assembly of the layers with dowels for support (small ones cut to the height of the layers, then one long one through all the cakes). also put a simple bead border.

cake assembly

right after i put the bottom and middle bead borders, mr. and mrs. taketa said they were going to drop by to help me put the cake in a box, so i took a break to clean up a bit AND WASH THE DISHES (dun dun dun). anyway, that was kind of disastrous – cameron had to take me to the emergency room to get 5 stitches for my finger. it took 5 hours! but we did get to watch the opening ceremony at least. anyway, apparently you shouldn’t wash knives the way i do, and you shouldn’t wash them too hurriedly. wise wisdom from wing.

anyway, before we decided i needed to go to the emergency room, i piped the top bead layer with my left hand 😀 don’t worry, no blood got on the cake. THAT would have been a real disaster.

then the big transport the day of the wedding (plus a picture of my sad finger)!

cake transport

dede wilson (author of the book) said to make a sign so people don’t get mad at you for driving slow. the trip wasn’t bad at all though. the box was exactly the size of the base, so it was real snug. then the box was on a wooden board with a mat to prevent it from slipping. the board was on top of some towels in the passenger seat to make it level, and i sat next to the cake to keep it steady. we spent a long time worrying about moving the cake, but that ended up going real smoothly.

when we got there, i added the smaller dots to the sides, and then mrs. taketa and i started thinking about arranging the flowers. anyway, then the florist showed up, and apparently someone asked her to help us do that, so she arranged the top part (which ended up looking really nice). after the ceremony we found out she just put them on the top (i guess she was too busy to put on the other layers?) so we made a simple arrangement for the cake and the table before the reception started. the extra buttercream was already in the car so we didn’t attempt sticking too many flowers on the cake.


i think over the course of making this cake, i ingested too much buttercream, so i kind of need a break from it. i think the cake tasted pretty good though. anyway, before i attempt more cakes, i want to perfect the cake part, because that was probably the most challenging part. gotta study harold mcgee and test out how to get the perfect consistency every time. plus, i want to try some other flavors!

(harold mcgee’s the coolest – he went to caltech! i gotta read his book when i have time.)

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