r.i.p. mr. potholder

here’s the exciting start to the big thanksgiving feast we had:

r.i.p. mr. potholder

this is even better because this is the third potholder i’ve killed in a year. i think mrs. taketa is going to hide them from me soon.

#1: nobody told me the potholders were stored in the oven… small black burned areas when it came out.

#2: i forgot that the potholders were in the oven… it had small little flames when we took it out.

#3: i totally remembered to take out the potholders this time. then i smelled a really strong burning odor. i looked in the oven, and the potholder was stuck to the hot metal at the top of the oven, completely aflame!!! i ran into the other room and was like, “something’s burning!!!” mrs. taketa grabbed some tongs and threw the flaming potholder into the sink and put it out with cold water. the potholder must have been stuck to the metal so i didn’t see it. what the heck???

r.i.p. mr. potholder.

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