i like to fold origami at the football games, a habit i developed last season when i was folding for our wedding centerpieces. recently, i’ve been making some more of the kusadama types. the folding for these is very simple (see instructions here), but you need 60 units and some time to glue it together. i do the gluing while watching tv, but still, in total (folding + gluing) it probably takes 3-4 hours for each one. oh also, if you don’t want any of the “flowers” of the same color to touch, the minimum is four different colors.

anyway, i had some leftover paper from the wedding, so i made a small version:


it’s so cute! then i was thinking it might be nice as a christmas ornament, but had to get some brighter colors:


this one is a little bigger than the small one. i think this one will look pretty good on a tree. so i might make some more to give to family members… can’t make that many though since they take so long to make. here they are just hanging out together on the couch:


anyway, those are the ones i’m working on now, but lots more to try!

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2 thoughts on “kusadamas

  1. haha football games? I see how that works…
    and i bet cameron was happy to explain the intricacies of the 4-color map theory

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